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Our goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction.

-  One stop shopping, new - used - Japanese imports and classic vehicles. 
-  Unbiased advice and guidance. 
-  No more time consuming trips to local dealerships. 
-  Our service is designed for busy people who want to find 
   the right car at the right price. 
-  Professional, fast and courteous service. 
-  Smooth and stress free transaction. 
-  NO Salespeople, NO Negotiating and NO Pressure. 
-  Work with you to determine the best strategy for your trade-in. 
-  Fully registered as a authorised Motor Vehicle Trader with 
   over 30 years experience in the Motor Trade. 

Sales people want to sell you what they have and not what is best for 
you, thatís why New Zealand Vehicle Consultants offer a service for 
busy people who want us to find the right car at the right price 
without all the headaches associated with traditional car buying. 

CONTACT US : all you need to do is let us know the type of 
vehicle you are looking for. 

You'll probably want to shop around before you buy, but do you know 
what to look for ? and how to go about making comparisons ? 
You have probably started your research into different makes and 
models using a range of sources, including magazines, car dealers 
in your area, the internet and local newspapers. 
At this stage contact us here at New Zealand Vehicle Consultants 
and we can help you reach your decision and provide to you the 
most SOUND recommendation when obtaining the vehicle 
you desire. 

New Zealand Vehicle Consultants takes the time consuming 
hassle and gamble out of buying a vehicle. We locate quality 
vehicles as per you request - you save time and money without 
any of the headaches. 


First, we work with our clients one on one to determine which vehicle best serves their needs. If requested we will conduct the necessary research to help you determine which new or used vehicle will best fit your budget and lifestyle. This can be accomplished over the phone or by Email or if possible we can arrange a meeting at your residence of place of business. 

Second, Simply decide on the make and model of vehicle of your choice, fill out our enquiry form, we will start searching for the vehicle you require immediately. If you have an existing vehicle you wish to sell or trade-in , we will work with you to ensure you obtain the maximum value for your vehicle. 

Third, Many consumers are intimidated by the complexity of today's cars and buyer-beware nature of the vehicle purchasing business. We will locate the best vehicles available in your price range New Zealand wide. We only deal with reputable registered Motor Vehicle Traders and negotiate the best price available. 

Fourth, Once we have completed our search, we will present you with your vehicle options and the total price of your next vehicle purchase. You will know exactly what your vehicle will cost. No hidden costs or additional charges before you take delivery. 

Vehicle purchasers need to consider more than just the price of a vehicle and whether they can afford monthly payments. Depreciation, a vehicles resale value, how soon the buyer likes to change vehicles and whether they can pay in cash are among other important factors. 

Fifth, Next we will get your approval that we are on the right vehicle and headed in the right direction. At this stage you may wish to view and road test the vehicle, this can normally be arranged for you. You'll know right away if this is the vehicle for you, and have the confidence in knowing you made a sound decision, based on an unbiased independent advice from New Zealand Vehicle Consultants. 

Until this stage you have remained anonymous to all vehicle dealers throughout the entire process, you will only deal with our contact at the dealership when you collect your vehicle and complete all the necessary paperwork. You will never be directly contacted by the dealerships that we are at work with. 

When you are completely satisfied with our results we will arrange to take the vehicle off the market, organize the required documentation and make preparations for collection at the selected dealer. Our consultant will go over every feature of your new vehicle purchase, so that you are totally comfortable with it, remember our policy is 100% customer satisfaction. 


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